Monthly Archive:: February 2008

20 SF Novels That Will Change Your Life?

Hmm… Can a book change your life? Many have told me that this is the case.. Check out this site that has a list of the 20 SF Novels That Will Change Your Life… Lots of good cyberpunk on that site

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Cyber Street

Found on Gibson’s blog, who found it on Sterling’s blog — an article, a rather long one, entitled “The Street as Platform” wherein it is discussed how interactive our streets are becoming, how interactive they could become, how much data is being pulled off of a busy street, how many sensors, cameras, displays and all the particulars [&hellip

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What ever happened to Wired?

There was a time I actually used to subscribe to and read magazines… Now with the internet being such an excellent place to get technology and book reviews and other good stuff it a very rare occasion that I will actually take the time to read a magazine and god forbid I crack open a [&hellip

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