Monthly Archive:: April 2009

Obituary: JG Ballard, the original cyberpunk

I know I have read something by Ballard – though I can’t remember what.. I will need to check out some of his books – he passed this week from prostrate cancer

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David Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons game, dies at 61

I cannot believe another D&D creator has failed his savings throw. Having just started Dungeon Mastering for my sons and his friends – I cannot help but think that the time may have finally ended for pencil and paper games for me. Just 3 hours of play with them leaves me exhausted. I am guessing [&hellip

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TINAG – This is not a Game

I just finished (demolished/devoured) reading the latest book from Walter Jon Williams – THIS IS NOT A GAME (TINAG) and I enjoyed sufficiently that after a long hiatus from Shadowrunning I had to make a post to reccomend this book. For those of you who don’t know Walter Jon Williams – his book Hardwired (1986) [&hellip

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