iPhoneWell along with my interest in Cyberpunk is an unhealthy interest in “gadgets” (just an extension of cyberpunk lust). In particular I am a appleophile ( all you MS lovers run for the hills ) and I guess in gadgets in general. I was not one of those people that ran out and bought an iPod ( ok everyone in my family has one ) but I did wait in line for an hour with my 7 year old son to get an iPhone when it was released to the world last month. Up until that time I had been using a Treo 650 and fairly happy with it. I will have to say that the iPhone really is a huge leap from my Treo in what it does and how it functions. At this point the only thing that is frustrating to me, is that they need to release more iPhone based applications and open up the iPhone to developers. The concept of having all iPhone applications delivered via the Web is too limiting. There are plenty of times when I would like to play a game for instance and I am either out of wifi/cell range (like on BART). If I had to say what do I miss from my Treo I would say scrabble and yahtzee. Nothing else 😀