Ok well I should say on top of my headboard because there are no books on my nightstand just a lamp and a cpap machine. But on my headboard I have a dearth of new books that I am working my way through (ok I took a short break on the cyberpunk to read the last Harry Potter book, Deathly Hallows , but I am back to cyberpunk).

Exile Kiss -EffingerI just cracked open book #3 of George Alec Effinger’s series about Marid Audran – The Exile Kiss. This book takes place in a Muslim city somewhere I am assuming in North Africa and has an interesting spin on Cyberpunk with the addition of the Islamic religion and how they deal with those that are electronically enhanced. The book has a hard boiled detective novel feel where you are never quite sure that you like the main character Madrid or not. When I finish the complete series I will come back and give a more detailed analysis of the book.

– Enoc