Guardian has a list of the Top 10 Dystopia Novels (found via BoingBoing) for teens composed by author Gemma Malley, who has a dystopian novel out. The tie-in for posting here of course: dystopian predictions being a large part of the cyberpunk genre. Her list is commendable if a bit too literary for my tastes, but I was glad to see I had at least read a few of them and was familiar with all of them. Top of the list: 1984. Not something I’ve read but have read enough about it to “get it.” Who hasn’t? The real surprise for me was the listing of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. One of my favorite books I ever had to read for an English class. Dystopian? Well, in the sense that the stranded children must create their own world for a time — and some stive to make it humane and logical but the consensus drives the boys toward a more brutal and everyone-for-themselves existance. Eerie book that I really enjoyed. And looky there, a Clavell I had no clue about! What fun these lists!