I mentioned previously that the shadowrun books are my romance novels and perhaps I should explain myself a little here. First of all the plots are all some what similar. There is a “Johnson” – an anonymous individual usually from the corporate runner – who goes to a “Fixer” – who is the middle man – about a job that he or she wants done – usually against another corporation…

The Fixer usually has a group of individual Shadowrunners that he goes to that all specialize in different aspects of Shadowrunning. Shadowrunners are members of the “SINless” part of this corporate society. SINless peeps are those without a “System Identification Number” and therefore are outside the radar of government and corporations, mostly by choice.

Usually a Shadowrun groups has the following components:

  • Deckers – a computer expert that runs interface for the group in the Matrix ( a virtual network of computers – think of this as the internet x 100 ) by hacking the targets security via a cyberdeck.
  • Riggers- sort of a computer expert but more from the remote control side. Riggers jack into vehicles and surveillance equipment ( such as remote controlled airplanes or helicopters) and play a huge roll intransportation.
  • Street samurai – basically a cyber or magically enchanced individual whose job is basically to “kill” or “disable” the target. Basically the hired muscle. Has jacked up reflexes either due to the addition of cybernetics or because they are an adept. Adepts are magically enhanced individuals.
  • Shamans/Magicians – Magically members of the shadowrun team that use their powers for surveillance, protection and destruction. Shamans are more element/spirit focused in their magical specialties and Magicians (hermetic magic) rely more on their inner magic for altering the world.
  • Weapons Specialists – not a part of a every Shadowrun but usually someone that has connections to military grade weaponry.

Throw into the mix that the world is now populated with metahumans, demons, and other spirits and you have a very rich setting for these Shadowrun’s to take place in. That is the basic beauty of these stories a very rich and exciting world for the story to take place in. To me they never get old.

– Enoc