Well I have hit the 50% mark for Spook Country and I wanted to give you all a quick update on the book.

  • Chapters are really short – under 5 pages or so on average – great for reading while doing your dirty business
  • Blue Ant is back!
  • New technological concept is a kind of virtual reality/wifi/internet concept. The basics idea is that people tag real space (a real location) with 3D images and you see those 3D image via a VR headset (when at the location) that connects up to the internet via wifi. Some interesting ideas not yet explored would be to go to some place like Omaha Beach in France – strap on the VR headset and either see the beach filled with bodies or maybe an actual war going on before your eyes. Powerful concept and I definitely see it happening in the future.

More as it happens! I might be able to finish the book over the holiday weekend.