I love lists. Amazon lists, year-end lists, summer reading lists, winter reading lists, best-seller lists. I love them all. There’s so much good fiction out that it’s impossible to be aware of it all. So lists really help. We should start a list here! But until we do, SFSignal does a great job linking to various SF lists as demonstrated.

Hmm, no Gibson on those lists. So much for my love of lists! China Melville makes Michael Berry’s list. I never got through King Rat and now it looks like her latest is a continuation of that theme, which I really liked as Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Seems curiously similar, the shadow-world beneath/removed from the real world. Eh. Kage Baker is solid, I keep forgetting about her, haven’t read all her stuff but the few I have remind me to read more! Stross all over these lists, so the must be kinda ok!